Порционные пакетики кетчупа Heinz Ketchup -(1000шт) 9гр Portion Packets / Case

Наличие: Предзаказ (доставка 4-6 недель)
Производитель: HEINZ North America
Вес: 9.00г
2,734.12 грн.
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Порционные пакетики настоящего американского кетчупа 

Heinz Ketchup - (1000) 9 Gram Portion Packets / Case

Коробка на 1000 порционных пакетиков, каждый весом 9 граммов.

Цена указана за одну коробку.

Сделано именно для американского рынка.

Это самый продаваемый кетчуп в США.

Product of the USA

Кошерный продукт.


Drizzle Heinz ketchup over hamburgers and hot dogs, and give your customers the classic condiment they crave! Using only the finest ingredients, Heinz makes their ketchup from the firmest, ripest, juiciest tomatoes. Rich, smooth and vibrant red in color, your guests are sure to fall head over heels for this condiment. Ketchup provides a savory, slightly sweet taste that's great for dunking mild fried foods like French fries in a cool, flavor-rich sauce. It's also great for making baked beans, marinades, chili sauce, and barbeque sauce. Use Heinz ketchup, and treat your patrons to the tangy taste they grew up with and still love!

For over 140 years, the Heinz company has a history of being committed to environmental sustainability and community outreach, while growing their own tomatoes from the seeds they themselves produce. The tomatoes are packed full of nutrients, including essential vitamins, minerals, and lycopene, a healthy antioxidant found in cooked tomatoes. 

Trust Heinz for your condiment supply, and stock your establishment with these Heinz ketchup packets! Place these convenient portion packets at your condiment bar or at your individual tables so your customers can grab just the right amount. Or, put them in to go bags so that your customers can enjoy their order wherever they go!


Порционные пакетики кетчупа Heinz Ketchup -(1000шт) 9гр Portion Packets / Case
Модель: 125PC148
Производитель: HEINZ North America
Вес 9.00г

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