Слайсер для прошутто\мяса Berkel 330M 13" Prosciutto Meat Slicer

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Слайсер для прошутто и мяса 


Berkel 330M 13" Prosciutto Meat Slicer


Знаменитый голландский бренд. Слайсеры от Berkel-это икона стиля и качества.

  • Тончайшая нарезка мяса, сыра, прошутто.
  • Нож из уникальной carbon steel.
  • Встроенная двойная подточка ножа.
  • Механическая вращение и подача нарезки.
  • Тончайшая подстройка нарезки. 
  • Летящий стиль вращения и контроля нарезки.
  • Удобная очистка.
  • Классический- винтажный стиль.
  • Сделано в США
  • Гарантия 3 месяца.


Create ultra-thin slices of meats or cheeses with the classic Berkel 330M prosciutto slicer.

Perfect for slicing pieces of delicious prosciutto, signature meats, and cheeses right before your customers' eyes, this slicer pairs a precision knife with a low-resistance flywheel, classic design, and warm red color. It's ideal for specialty shops and delis, or any establishment looking for an authentic machine to provide tissue thin slices of meats as well as an addition to the aesthetics of your business.

  • NSF Listed

NSF Listed


  • This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

13" Diameter Precision Knife

This model has a precision 13" diameter hollow ground chromium-plated carbon steel knife. It is designed to be incredibly sharp to ensure the tissue thin slices that you expect from a prosciutto slicer.

Low-Resistance Flywheel

Designed for smooth and easy use, the low-resistance flywheel makes it easier for your staff to control the speed and operation of the knife. It allows for precision slicing with every stroke.

Holds Large Foods

Perfect for serving and preparing a wide variety of menu options, this slicer accommodates food up to 7 3/4'' high by 11'' wide.

Precision Slice Adjustment

An integrated precision system provides slice adjustment and consistent cuts of hot or cold meats from "tissue thin" to 3/16''.

Dual-Action Sharpener

A built-in single level dual-action knife sharpener ensures safe use each and every time. It keeps the knife sharp and ready for precision slicing.

Classic Design

The slicer makes for a functional addition to any restaurant, deli, or bistro, as well as a great display piece when slicing prosciutto and other items. It's perfect for delis and specialty shops, especially if you are looking for a classic style and old-world feel.

Product Clamp

A product clamp holds your prosciutto securely from the top, and the product is fed toward the knife automatically after each stroke.

Rear Knife Guard

A rear knife guard also keeps the user from coming into contact with the blade to prevent accidental cuts during use and cleaning.

Easy to Clean

This prosciutto slicer is easy to disassemble and clean without tools, making closing up at the end of the day go more quickly.

How to Use the Berkel Prosciutto Slicer



Слайсер для прошутто\мяса Berkel 330M 13" Prosciutto Meat Slicer
Модель: 330M
Производитель: Berkel is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group LLC
Вес 80.00кг

Оценка: 5/5

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