Украшение для коктейлей из кинзы Mini Flower Crystals® Cilantro by Fresh Origins 170 гр

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Производитель: Fresh Origins
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Украшение для коктейлей из кинзы 

Mini Flower Crystals® Cilantro by Fresh Origins 170 гр

Made in USA

Состав: сахар, свежая кинза.

Цена указана за одну банку 6 oz (170грамм)

Stunning, ruby-pink crystals made from Rose Petals and sugar! No added coloring, just the natural color from our own edible Roses. With a delightful taste and the sensual aroma of fresh Roses, combined with a great crunchy texture, these vibrant flavor crystals are a sensational addition to any dish. Use in all kinds of desserts; fantastic with chocolate, top mini-cupcakes, canapés, sorbet, crème brulee and so much more. Add a fresh floral note to fruit salads, and mixed green salads.  Add color to chocolate dipped strawberries. Use in place of rose syrup in cocktails.

As Mixologists are continuing their quest for more flavor, we are bringing a fresh innovation into the amazing world of creative drinks!

Introducing Fresh Origins’ Mini Herb Crystals® & Mini Flower Crystals®. Made with all natural colors and flavors derived only from fresh herbs and flowers, with no added flavorings or coloring!

These new Mini Crystals are like no other glass rimmers ever made. The colors are beautiful.  The flavors are unique.  The crispy crunchy texture is extraordinary. 

Available flavors are: Fresh Basil, Fresh Mint, Fennel Flower and Rose Petals.  Just like our original Herb & Flower Crystals but with a finer granule, these unique granules are perfect for inspiring forward-thinking mixologists. The crystals can even be tossed into a cocktail and used as a flavorful ingredient and a splash of color. They look stunning at the bottom of the glass, and will still be semi crunchy to be savored in the last sip.

Carefully hand-harvested at the peak of flavor and color, fresh herbs and edible flowers are combined with pure cane sugar to create these vibrant, crunchy, flavorful crystals. Mini Mint Crystals are the perfect glass rimmer for signature mojitos. Vibrant pink Mini Rose Crystals are a beautiful & romantic rimmer for champagne cocktails. Savory & sweet Mini Basil Crystals pair well with strawberry & lemon flavored drinks. Rim an exotic citrus cocktail with the bright yellow Mini Fennel Flower Crystals. The flavor of the herbs & flowers has been uniquely captured and locked into these granules. Here is the key to reinvent your favorite cocktail!


Lemon Basil Strawberry Mojito with Mini Herb Crystals® Basil

Strawberry Fennel Ginger Margarita with Mini Flower Crystals® Fennel

Lemon Rose Martini with Mini Flower Crystals® Rose


Mini Mint Crystals are the perfect glass rimmer for signature mojitos.

Rim an exotic citrus cocktail with the bright yellow Mini Fennel Crystals.

Savory & sweet Mini Basil Crystals pair well with strawberry & lemon drinks.

Vibrant pink Mini Rose Crystals are a romantic rimmer for champagne cocktails.

Use Mini Cilantro Crystals on the rim of a specialty margarita or other lime-based drinks.

Sweet & Sour Mini Hibiscus Crystals are a fantastic addition to tropical, rum based cocktails.

The flavor of the herbs & flowers has been uniquely captured & locked into these granules.

This is the key to reinventing your favorite cocktail & really making it stand out!


Украшение для коктейлей из кинзы Mini Flower Crystals® Cilantro by Fresh Origins 170 гр
Модель: Cilantro6oz
Производитель: Fresh Origins

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