Украшения из натуральных засахаренных фиалок Fresh Origins Crystallized Viola

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Производитель: Fresh Origins
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Украшения из натуральных засахаренных фиалок 

Fresh Origins Crystallized Viola

Made in USA

Состав: тростниковый сахар, целые цветки фиалок.

Цена указана за одну упаковку, в упаковке 10 штук.

Crystallized Flowers!

Fresh Origins‘ sweetest product line!  We are sugar coating our own edible flowers to create incredible,  sweet Crystallized Flowers. They are dried to preserve their natural beauty. Glistening with  sugar crystals these Candied Flowers are an exciting and exquisite addition to any dessert. Even main entrees are transformed with these beautiful Crystallized Flowers.  Fresh OriginsCrystallized Flowers are preserved with an Allergen Free formula. These beauties are shelf-stable and last about 6 months.

Crystallized Pansy

Fabulous color combinations: purple, blue, yellow, orange, lavender, violet, and rose; Crystallized Pansies are perfect for cakes, cupcakes, and souffles. This is our most durable Crystallized Flower.

Crystallized Rose

Spectacular selection of soft colors including peach, lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple. This stunning Crystallized Flower will add a sophisticated touch to wedding cakes, tortes, specialty brownies and more. Float these edible roses  in raspberry champagne! Create an upscale fruit and cheese plate.

Crystallized Rose Petal

Beautiful edible rose petals are available in delicate pastel shades. Create upscale, unique salads with these sugared, candied rose petals. Top cheesecakes with these crystallized rose petals to add beautiful dimension.


Crystallized Viola

Gorgeous assortment of colors, blue, yellow, purple, and orange, including bi-colored flowers; edible violas are great on mini cupcakes! Float these crystallized flowers on gazpacho or vegatable soup. Decorate from wedding cakes to tarts. A viola is essentially a miniature Pansy.

See  Recipes using Crystallized Flowers !

See how The Madison Chocolatiers West uses our Crystallized Violas


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Украшения из натуральных засахаренных фиалок Fresh Origins Crystallized Viola
Модель: ФиалкаViola
Производитель: Fresh Origins

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