HERSHEY'S® Dutch Cocoa Powder 5 lb. \2,268 кг

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HERSHEY'S® Dutch cocoa powder adds a rich chocolate flavor to cakes, brownies, and other pastries, making it an excellent addition to any bakery! Cocoa powder comes from the cacao bean, a fully fermented bean of the tropical Theobroma cacao plant. Once cocoa butter has been extracted from the cacao beans, the remaining dry substance called cocoa powder, or simply cocoa, has a distinct, rich taste. Dutch-processed cocoa, such as this, goes one step further and is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. This process gives it a rich, dark color and a mild, subtle flavor that complements other baking ingredients. It is best suited for use with baking powder, rather than baking soda. 

HERSHEY'S® Dutch cocoa powder can be used to create irresistible chocolate cobblers, decadent chocolate sauces, or smooth chocolate frostings. Whether baking cookies, cakes, or macaroons, cocoa powder is a staple in any ice cream shop, bakery, or restaurant. Satisfy customers of all ages, and your chocolate-lovers among them, with rich cocoa flavor! 

HERSHEY'S® is a leading North American manufacturer of chocolates, confections, toppings, and baking products. It all started with Milton Hershey, who began producing milk chocolate in 1905 in the town that now shares his name. Though chocolate was once a luxury for the rich, Milton Hershey helped make it more accessible and affordable for everyone, and HERSHEY'S® products are now known the world over. Hershey, Pennsylvania is known as Chocolate Town USA and for good reason--as soon as you offer HERSHEY'S® at your business, your customers will recognize a brand that stands for nothing less than quality, freshness, and great taste!

Flavor Unsweetened
Kosher Yes
Made in America Yes
Package Size 5 lb.
Type Cocoa Powder

Customer questions about this product

What is the difference between Dutch cocoa and natural cocoa?
At first glance, Dutch-processed cocoa is darker in color than natural cocoa powder. Though both types of cocoa powder are acidic, Dutch cocoa powder has been washed in a potassium solution to neutralize its acidity, which produces its dark, rich color. Natural cocoa powder tends to have a lighter color because of the acids left intact. Most cocoa powder you will find in American grocery stores is natural cocoa powder. In terms of baking, Dutch cocoa powder is often paired with baking powder, whereas natural cocoa powder is usually paired with baking soda.
  • Made in America

    Made in America    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Orthodox Union

    Orthodox Union        This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.



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