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With this Bossen Hokkaido milk tea powder mix, creating trendy bubble teas and other delicious beverages has never been easier! Hokkaido is a Japanese province known for its agriculture and dairy industries. Milk from Hokkaido is mixed with caramel and rich tea brewed from black tea leaves to create a delicious beverage that's enjoyed all over the world! Offer the distinctive flavor of Hokkaido milk tea in your establishment with this easy-to-use powder. When mixed into your signature drinks, this caffeinated powder boasts a full-bodied black tea flavor that's blended with sweet caramel and an irresistibly creamy texture thanks to the included non-dairy creamer.

This versatile powder can be served in delicious iced, blended, or hot beverages! It's also a great addition to milk teas, smoothies, slushies, bubble teas, and other specialty beverages. This Hokkaido milk tea powder can even be mixed into frozen yogurt to add a hint of rich flavor. Its simple preparation makes it easy to add this powder to virtually any beverage; simply scoop, mix, and enjoy! This Bossen Hokkaido milk tea mix comes in a convenient powder form that's easy to use and store, helping you maintain its freshness while keeping your establishment in good supply.

Since 2010, Bossen has specialized in creating premium boba products and fun Asian eats. They supply a diverse line of trendy offerings to satisfy the sweet tooth of any customer, from milk teas and Taiwanese-style snow ice to Bursting boba pearls and frozen yogurt toppings! Explore Bossen's deliciously different products to find the perfect addition to your specialty drink menu.

HOKKAIDO MILK TEA (24 fl. oz.)

200 mL hot water or hot tea
4 tbsp. Bossen Hokkaido milk tea powder
2 tbsp. non-dairy creamer
0.5 fl. oz. liquid fructose or simple syrup

Combine all ingredients into a 24 oz. shaker or cup and stir thoroughly to dissolve powder. Top off shaker or cup with ice and shake. Add in your favorite bubble tea toppings and serve!
* To serve this drink hot, don't add ice. Serve immediately after stirring mixture.

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