Louisiana® Jalapeno Hot Sauce 3 oz. #10712106

  • 79.10грн.

  • ~Just a small amount quickly and easily adds flavor to dishes
  • ~Made with aged jalapeno peppers
  • ~Bright green color
  • ~Milder flavor than cayenne or habanero pepper based hot sauces
  • ~Great for burgers, sandwiches, and sauces
  • ~Attractive glass bottle with resealable cap
  • ~Convenient size for table service
  • With its green color, this Louisiana 3 oz. jalapeno hot sauce brings something new to your restaurant's selection of hot sauces! Made with aged jalapeno peppers, this sauce adds heat to your dishes without being too spicy or overwhelming the natural flavors of the dish itself. In fact, it has a milder flavor than cayenne or habanero based hot sauces. This means you can add it to a variety of entrees and side dishes your customers love, from burgers to gumbo and chili!

    Just one dash of this Louisiana jalapeno hot sauce is all you need to add jalapeno flavor to your popular foods. It provides a quick and easy way to spice up signature sauces, house dressings, and marinades. Since it's packaged in an attractive 3 oz. glass bottle, it can serve front of the house needs as well. Offer this bottle tableside so guests can season their seafood, chicken wings, tacos, and burritos. This hot sauce is a versatile condiment with classic jalapeno flavor that's sure to please guests of your restaurant or cafe.

    • Made in America

      Made in America

      This item was made in the United States of America.

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