Ashoka® Date and Tamarind Chutney 5kg\11 lb. #137551637

  • 2,395.10грн.

This product has a minimum quantity of 2
  • Date and tamarind pulp cooked with a blend of spices
  • Tangy, sweet, and savory flavor
  • Delicious accompaniment to Indian snacks like samosas and fritters
  • Delicious addition to saucy and meaty dishes

Add sweet and tangy flavor to your Indian recipes with this Ashoka date and tamarind chutney! This product is made by cooking pulp from sweet, rich dates and tart, tangy tamarind together with savory spices. The result is a smooth, sweet, tart, and savory chutney that makes a delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of traditional and fusion dishes!

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