Louisiana® Buffalo Wing Sauce 320 gr. #10702162-TEST

  • 213.50грн.

  • ~Made from sun-ripened red peppers
  • ~Ready to use
  • ~Great for buffalo chicken wings
  • ~Convenient handle and resealable cap
  • Featuring a rich red-orange color and bursting with full-bodied flavor formulated for Cajun cuisine, Louisiana buffalo wing sauce is far from your average wing sauce! The hot wing craze originated in Louisiana, and this Louisiana buffalo wing sauce has been crafted to the truest possible taste using top-quality red peppers. Picking and blending the peppers with pungent vinegar and spices is a tradition that has continued through the decades and into the present, ensuring that the utmost care goes into each bottle of wing sauce. Made of sun-ripened and fully-aged red peppers, the pepper flavor adds a burst of heat without overwhelming the natural flavors of the dish itself. 

    From coating traditional buffalo wings to creating a hot buffalo chicken dip, this ready-to-use Louisiana buffalo wing sauce is all you need to kick up the flavor of any entree or side dish. You can even rub this wing sauce on meats and fish or add it to marinades, dips, and dressings with some heat. A versatile condiment for an array of menu items, offer this wing sauce tableside so your customers can add as much as they want! This convenient container stores a good supply of buffalo wing sauce with a large handle that makes it easy to transport. Easy to empty into smaller bottles for table service, the convenient resealable cap allows you to keep the rest sealed and fresh!

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