About Us

You are on the website of your reliable supplier - American supermarket www.HoReCaMarketUA.com by Global Solutions Miami, FL, U.S.A.

The idea of our supermarket is simple - to bring the United States and Ukraine closer through common gastronomic preferences. On our site, we offer only those products that are an integral part of the everyday life of Americans.

Our supermarket is primarily focused on supplying Ukrainian cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels with goods and products that your colleagues in the USA use. These are spices, sauces, ingredients, equipment and uniforms made specifically for the American market, with its highest requirements for both quality and price.

Your orders are delivered all over Ukraine by the courier company Nova Poshta.

Delivery in Odessa is free, because. the main warehouse is located here.

We sell real products you can trust.

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Delivery? So everywhere.